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Care giver Social Isolation, Vunerability and Social Media Interaction The Story Continues

by Diane Carbo RN
(Philadelphia, PA)

I am going to share the responses that were sent to us as we played along with our new found relationship. An email was sent sharing some basic information. We were cautious in our wording at first. Even suggested that this could very well be a scam and someone that would take advantage of us. So we wanted to proceed cautiously and carefully.

Here is the next response.

Thanks for the brief introduction about yourself and I will really like to know more as time progresses and be friends first and pray to the good Lord and see where this takes us to, I am not into Cyber sex but real friendship

Let me tell you a short story of me at least we can kick off from there.
I was born in Sweden and have spent most of my life in Europe my parents moved to a small town in Maine Halifax Canada when I was 5 years old.

I spent a year in college until I ran out of money and came back home, to discover that my mum had died of hypertension. T
The following year I lost my dad also after a brief illness.
Am into investment banking, with broad financial advisory, research and investment experience. More so, Strong communicator experience, negotiating and presenting to publicly traded and private held corporate management teams.

We developed expertise in various sectors of healthcare including biotech, proteomics, specialty pharmaceuticals, healthcare technology, medical devices and various service sectors.

I have serve overseas for years meaning that I have tour different part of the world.

Iíve been working for this large payroll company for more than 6 years and enjoy my job a lot. It has really being good benefits and is pretty easy to relocate.

During the summer I enjoy getting involved in hiking, biking, and sports as much as possible as well as cooking. The last two years I've been a member of a slow pitch softball team.

During the winter I enjoy skiing but have never really had that skiing buddy that would go with me.

The winter in Maine makes it hard but if you can cuddle up on the couch with a loved one and watch a movie then you can get through it. I donít smoke...drink socially (six packs usually last a week in my fridge).

Sexually, Iíve only been with one person. I thought everything was perfect when I lost my wife in a ghastly motor accident in Michigan on their way to get a wedding gown for our 3 years marriage anniversary.

Up to this very moment I find it hard to believe that my wife is no more. I love my wife so much and it is so sad that she is no more leaving me behind in this whole wide world.

I look forward to being able to enjoy a beautiful relationship with that one who has so much love to share. So now I live alone with my son.

The online dating service came as an option because my uncle was successful using it and remarried a wonderful woman after his wife passed away a few years ago.

He is my inspiration. I'm shy for the most part. Once I get to know people I come out of my shell. I need a woman with some spunk in my life. That picture of yours makes me chuckle....you seem like someone who has energy...who enjoys life. I enjoy going to watch a ball games but not to pick up women and beside I travel allot because of the nature of my work.

I've always had a hard time breaking the ice.....I would have a hard time walking up to someone like yourself and ask for your cell phone #.....I would probably stumble over every other word at least this way I can backspace.....pause and think about what to say. I would love to hear back from you...

The distance between us makes it harder but we can learn so much about each other this way and see what happens in the future as time progresses.

I promise to be honest. To be truthful. I ask for the same in return. If you donít get back today....have a wonderful day that is just all about me for now I will talk to you when I get back home

Sincerely yours,

Readers, you will notice that are many inconsistencies in this story. But, the vulnerable female will ignore them or not even check them out. I have more share over the next few days.

It is a topic that is on the outskirts of care giving, as so many are lonely and wanting to feel special and not so alone. I hope that if this series will protect one other person from being taken advantage of, this will be worth it.

Stick around there is more to this story

Diane Carbo RN

Your Life Care Advocate

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