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Care giving , Loneliness, Social Isolation and Protecting Yourself When Engaging Social Media Such as FaceBook Part 4

by Diane Carbo RN
(Philadelphia, PA)

I am going to include the next three communications that occurred over the next week or so.

Here is day one response to our questions about him..

i appreciate your time and effort for getting back to me. I hope this would continue with time we would know each other better am an independent man with one child,i have goals and am working to achieve them.
I have God in my life and working to imitate Him. Without God I am nothing, but with God I am everything. I am learning not to settle for lest and working for the best things in life.
I am looking for friendly chat and if it involves more than friendship, that will be great. I like people who have positive attitudes and who are real and who are honest

I will like too ask some question from you, what kind of work are you doing for living and do you stay alone, how many kind do you have and what do you do on your spare time, also your like and your dislike....?

In my spare time I enjoy working out, (GYM) Basketball, music, studying the Bible, and Reading.

I hope we'd have some shared interests and goals, as well as some similarities in opinion about what's important in life. I would love to find out if you are a caring woman that I could have a very deep relationship with and be able to just feel the Light when we are together

. I'm hoping you would be a like minded partner to share life with. I like to be physically active as much I can, as a great balance to the cerebral side of life!

I am very respectful, obedient and ambitious. I always look forward to even further improvement whether is in a relationship or betterment in life general.

I love to shop for household decorations and garden supply. I tend to keep plants up in the house during the winter too

. As I said, I love to take long walks, and on the sandbar even better!! I love to spend time at the ocean,not only swimming, but fishing, crabbing, and searching for treasures.

I do love my select TV shows and would love to share that time with a friend. I love to talk over a cup of coffee, just catching up on life. I love to be welcomed home and welcoming people into my home.
I like/not love eating out. I love to cook a great meal when I know someone will enjoy it. I love trying knew things.

I hope am not talking much but i will stop here for now hope too here from you...

The next interaction response was....

The week was really crazy thanks God it s over. I was dying to write you realizing that you await a letter from me but I had neither time no possibility to do it.

I was to prepare important documents as soon as possible so I was as busy as a bee. I tried to write you at home but I came home too exhausted and just got a call from where i apply for a contract last month that my contract has been approve.

As i told you that Am into investment banking, with broad financial advisory, research and investment experience.
More so, Strong communicator experience, negotiating and presenting to publicly traded and private held corporate management teams, i have pray for this contract so long and finally i got it maybe because you came into my life, i can see there good luck on your side smile.....

Now i think i will be getting my things ready for my travel and i will let you know when i arrival there, what you have to do just pray for me,i will like to know the color of your eyes and the color of your hair and sorry to ask this how old are you.

Hope to hear from you and God bless you...

This came as a real surprise to us...

What a lovely email you sent to me I have being kind of busy and out of the states I have been thinking a lot about you today and I canít seems to get you off my head as usual.

I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours you most have spent In writing me, It means so much to me.

It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without a good woman like you, i want to be so close to you. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets.

I want to know you and love you and only you if that is what God has ordain... and that love will only grow stronger if we put in effort into this new found love and relationship.

Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise.

All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding will never ceases to amaze me if only you open your heart wide and take me into your life. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go.

Presently am here in SA(Durban) Am here to seek power of attorney from my Lawyer for the new contract that is about to take place in Durban next week I can see you are the person that i can share my love and happiness with but only time will tell, can you add your # in your next email so as to call you and listen to your voice.you can reach me on this number (011 27 835 834 032).

I will be here waiting for your reply

To my readers, I had no idea what SA was- found out it is South Africa! So with Skype, my girlfriend and I called. Well the voice was neither British or Canadian. And I definitely took the man off guard.

He was very sweet and kind and so excited I called. He want to know all about me, what I did for a living , what kind of car I drove.

He let me know he drove a beemer. He wanted my telephone number to call me,but I told him, with Skype we could talk for free and all he had to do was go to his computer and we could even see each other.

He was very confused about Skype saying he was not good with computer things. Then he told me. his birthday was coming up. I said that's nice "Happy Birthday". He said, what are you going to get me for my birthday?

I said"Excuse me"

Again, he said "what are you going to get me for my birthday?"

Here I am trying very hard to stay in character, for me the restraint was more than I could bear...but I replied.. "What would you like?"

His response" I am not a greedy or demanding man, but a Blackberry with unlimited called to the US would be great. I can see phone calls to you are going to cost me a fortune."

Well, I must tell I lost it. My patients used to tell me, even if you can't see you, we hear you laughing .

There was a long enough pause where he said to me," don't tell me you have to think about this?"

Where I responded, laughing, " I do not have to think about this at all. You tell me you are a banker, you drive a beemer, you travel the world and your telling me you don't already have a Blackberry. And are concerned about a few international calls!
I am sorry, but you are talking to the wrong woman.Where I come from men lavish woman with gifts, not the other way around. So what are you going to give me for your birthday?

The line went dead.

Gee, I wonder if it was something that I said? LOL?

Tomorrow, I will post how you can protect yourself from falling victim to one of these schemes when you are in a vulnerable state.

How to Protect Yourself Online

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