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Care Giving,Social Isolation and Protecting Yourself When Engaging Social Media Such as Facebook

by Diane Carbo RN

I was recently contacted by a client all upset that her heart was broken, and worse, her bank account was a lot lighter.

She is a care giver. Lonely, emotionally drained and socially isolated.

Her communication is mostly on the internet.

This very smart and professional middle aged female has a Facebook page and was approached by a man for a relationship.

Over a period of time, one thing led to another and well, of course, she ended up sending him money.

Of course, he had "money", it was just tied up for the moment and he would pay her back when he saw her.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen posts on my Facebook page by different males and females, about how they wish that all these individual's would stop seeking them out for a relationship.

That gave me pause to think, how much of this is going on.

Now I want you to know that when I was young, I was often told I looked like the character "Gloria" if the sitcom "Archie Bunker".

At 57 years old, I am now told that I look like Angela Landsbury! But, even I get a few wonderful and endearing emails proposing a relationship.

The emails are always the same. I am beautiful,
(in an Angela Landsbury kind of way, for sure) that I caught their eye, my profile stood out from the crowd.(with Facebook having billions of beautiful young attractive women on it, my picture stood out at you. Oh yeah)

It always goes on to say my profile was so interesting they just had to write me.

My profile is basically blank.

So, with few friends, all, mature females, we decided to respond to the next 2 "advances" that came our way.

I have to admit, I have a devilish streak. This was, of course, for educational purposes.

This was so much fun and so enlightening and very scary and sad at the same time.

Of course, we went into this eyes wide opened and to learn about how this process works.

Ladies and for those men care givers, as well, what we learned is that there is a system in place, where individuals, of I am sure are both, men and women, are master manipulators.

They feign interest in you, boost you self esteem, always and consistently want you to be totally "honest" with them. Yes, "honesty" between" the two of you is of the utmost importance if this relationship is going to work.

They try to get into your heart and win you over.

They also seem to have a theme of being church going men.

I guess to makes them more trustworthy.

Every single one encouraged email interaction often, and wanted to chat.

Skype or telephone was discouraged early on.

When telephone contact was made, it was only after a sudden and long trip to a foreign country.

Then, the female was asked to call, because for some reason, the very wealthy, world traveler did not have the means to make a long distance phone call!!!

As care givers, you do become lonely and isolated and look for companionship.

Please, just be smart and protect yourself, your pocketbook and your heart.

When in doubt, email me or call me. I have stories to tell you. If you have stories to share about an experience, please share it here.

We need to keep each other safe from those out there trying to take advantage of out good nature.

Let's see what happens next

Diane Carbo RN

Your Life Care Advocate

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