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Dr Shibley Rahman and Dementia Adaptations to the Home

by Dr Shibley Rahman
(Primrose Hill, London)



Excellent website

I feel that optimal design in built environments is critical to the quality-of-life of patients with dementia. I think a lot can be done to tie up art and design principles, to maximizing the orientation of patients, which has been shown to be a determinant of quality-of-life of patients with dementia.

I have written on this recently, and I would be most grateful for any feedback:


I find that architects, designers and artists are adamant in not letting their creativity become stifled by people like me who are neuroscientists in dementia!

Dr Shibley Rahman

Dr Rahman

You will have to forgive me! I am in love with you! Finally someone with your level of knowledge of the disease of dementia and actually practically applying that knowledge to the real world.

One of my pet peeves is we are in the dark ages as far as the care of those with dementia. And you are solving a piece of that puzzle.

I am in the middle of launching a new site,

Dementia Care Secrets

Not only do I salute your work, I embrace it.

We need to be in touch.

Diane Carbo

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