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Home Fire Safety Tips for the Elderly

fire safety

Home fire safety tips are important for the elderly, as aging Americans over the age of 65 are one of the groups at greatest risk of dying in a fire. Seniors over the age of 80 die in fires at a rate three times higher than the rest of the population.

There are a number of preventative measures that older Americans and their family members can put into place that can dramatically reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a fire.

Why Are Aging Seniors More at Risk?

Aging adults are at increased risk for fire death and injuries for a number of reasons:

  • Their reaction time may be slower to take the quick actions necessary in a fire emergency.
  • Visual or hearing impairments may delay detection of a fire.
  • Aging seniors may have a tendency to forget things, such as switching off electrical appliances, while going to sleep or leaving the home.
  • Medications may affect their ability to respond and make decisions quickly.
  • Many older individuals live alone. When accidents occur, others may not be around to help.
  • Many elderly have faced fatal accidents in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Many aging seniors reside in older houses, which many times may have damaged or improper wiring. This is another cause for fire.

  • What Are the Fire Hazards that Affect Aging Seniors?

  • Cooking accidents are the leading cause of fire related injuries for older Americans. The kitchen is one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the home. The aging senior walks away from the stove and forgets what is cooking. The wonders of modern technology have a solution to this problem.
  • The aging senior that continues to smoke and uses the smoking materials unsafely is the leading cause of fire deaths among older Americans.
  • Alternate sources of heat, such as wood stoves and electric space heaters are responsible for a big share of fires in seniors' homes.
  • Faulty wiring is another major cause of fires affecting the elderly. Older homes can have serious wiring problems, ranging from old appliances with bad wiring to overloaded sockets.

    Elderly Fire Safety Tips for the Aging Senior includes

    Fire prevention is possible by taking precautionary measures. Fire safety concern is a serious matter for everyone.

    Kitchen safety now includes a device that will turn off the stove when you forget and walk away. This product will gives peace of mind to the aging senior and their family members. We are excited that we will have more information on this product to share with you soon.

    For now, I have created a FREE down loadable Home Fire Safety Checklist for you to review at your convenience.

    Download here Fire Safety Checklist

    Please make this an annual inspection of your home as well as that of the aging senior in your life.

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