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Healthy Aging means both exercise and prevention

Healthy Aging means both exercise and prevention: As we age, our bodies go through a number of natural degenerative changes. With exercise we can counter these changes to stimulate and maintain your function level, mobility, and your overall health. We may not be able to engage in the same sports with the same vigor as when we were younger, but there are many ways to keep fit. The bottom line is that you are never too old to exercise.

Activities For Senior Citizens
Activities for senior citizens, hobbies and the mind body connection. Staying active as we age is important to our overall health.

Aging and Exercise
As you age, your muscles, bones, and joints go through a number of changes that will lead to decreased mobility and functionality without a proper exercise regimen.

How to Prevent Falls
The fear of falling is not unfounded. Falls are not an inevitable part of aging. The best thing you can do is learn how to prevent falls.

Driving Safety
Getting older does not mean that we need to give up the keys.

Tips for Older Drivers
Taking time to review your driving habits and make corrective changes may make it possible for the freedom and independence that driving brings to continue.

Aging at home may give you the happiness and peace of mind for aging gracefully
Did you know that research shows that we become happier as we age? Aging at home may give you the happiness and peace of mind to age gracefully...

Brain Fitness Program
Find out why a brain fitness program will contribute to happier healthier aging.

Brain Exercises
Use it or loose it, find out why brain exercises are so important to healthy aging and aging in place.

Brain Fitness and the Wii games a fun way to remain mentally and physically fit.

Brain cells form new connections and revitalize the aging brain, this may be the secret to aging successfully

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