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Help to Reduce Bathroom Falls (Mom needed help)

by Ron
(SE Michigan)

A few years ago, my Mother was showing bruises but she claimed didn't know what caused them. We learned she was falling trying to get in and out of the bathtub to use it's shower. She refused to tell us fearing we would try to move her into an assisted living home.

As a result, I started a company (SouthEast Michigan) that does Bathtub to Walk-In Shower Conversions, by cutting out the side of the existing bathtub. Our prices are 80% less than replacing the tub. Several of my clients tell stories of their children buying them a stool to help step over the side of the tub, only to be higher when they fell. Also, one told me she got in and could not get out - and she spent the night sleeping in the tub.

Our service is the lowest cost option for those who need a bathtub to walk-in conversion. We're on Facebook at "Tub Transformations LLC" - Check us out.

Please talk to your parents about bathroom safety, and if they need assistance please do not buy them a stool... it actually can cause them more harm.

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