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Wanting In Home Care
Not Sure Which
Home Health Care Agency To Use

Unsure if elder in home care is covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

in home care

Let me take the mystery out of in home health care for you. There are many different aspects to elder home care. If you are not familiar with the different types and what insurance will and will not cover, please take time to learn about that. Care giving is very stressful and challenging. Many caregivers’ face this journey alone, without the assistance of family members. This is neither healthy physically, mentally or emotionally for the caregiver. Every care giver has good intentions. They agree to take care of an aging senior in their life, not understanding that this could affect their life for many, many years. So it is important for the caregiver to accept the fact that they do not have to face this journey alone. There is help out there. I will help you find the resources and put a plan in place to meet the future care needs of the aging senior in your life.

The first goal of every family caregiver should be to learn to take care of themselves, take care of their own needs so that they can provide the best possible care for their aging senior. Trust me, I know and understand that this is not as easy as it sounds, but it should be a goal. When you take care of yourself, you make good decisions and have the energy and strength to provide the best possible care.

Plan for in home care

Let’s start by preparing for the future care needs of the aging senior in your life. How do you do that? Well, let’s start with a few examples. A person with a diagnosis of arthritis already knows that mobility and pain will be an issue as they get older. Discussions with the doctor about prognosis of condition and future care needs can help you prepare your environment to help you remain at home independent for as long as possible.

Another example is a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. There are many different types of dementia and stages of dementia Now I know you are thinking that you cannot plan for every behavior or everything that could possibly go wrong. And I would agree. But, everyone has their limits and what they can or will not or just are not able to do. So let’s address those things now. This will help you to start making those future care needs.

There may be a time when a wound may need to be changed more than once a day. Sleep patterns are just cat naps for days on end, confusion is an everyday occurrence and now there is incontinence of bowel and bladder. You are tired, worn out, and do not see and end.

The good news is: you are not alone. It is important to prepare for the future care needs by identifying your limitations, your own needs as well as the needs of your loved one. Then develop a plan. It is important to start to develop this plan before you need the services. Investigating the services available may take some time. There are community services through the local Area on Aging, disease specific organizations that will help you find services, religious affiliated organizations (many that you do not have to belong to that denomination to receive services), Faith in Action programs and Veteran programs.

What is the next step

The next step in preparing for home health care is finding the right home care help. A list of questions that I have developed that will assist you in making the best possible choice Will be covered next.

Questions for the home health care agency

Home Health Care Provider
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