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In Home Care is Set Up and You Want it to Run Smoothly

home care worker

Now that in home care is set up, you will take on the role of overseeing or managing the senior home care. You may be a long distance care giver or a live in the same neighborhood as the aging senior. You may even be the spouse or a live in family care giver.

Managing care for elderly in home can at times feel overwhelming. There are steps and systems you can put into place that will make this job easier. There are many things about senior home care that is different from managing any other group of individuals. The individuals will be providing very intimate services in the very private sanctuary of your home. That makes many feel vulnerable.

Of course, the in home health care worker is walking in to unfamiliar surroundings and may be expected to do things just the way they have always been done. Small errors can cause some aging individuals a tremendous amount of anguish and frustration.

There is always the balance between compromise, care and communication. Of course, you must always be aware of the aging senior that just cannot be pleased. This type of individual must not be permitted to take their anger and frustrations on the home care worker. Many aging seniors do this in an attempt to make the family care giver feel guilty.

angry_senior An aging senior that is consistently unhappy with his caregivers often wants just you as his or her care giver. You must not give in. You will create a monster. Realize that you deserve a life and the recipient of care deserves the best quality care. Depending on the extent of care needed, it may not be humanly possible to do everything yourself. Your own good health is very relevant to their health.

Reassure the aging senior that you are going to continue to be there for them, you are not abandoning them. Do this in a clear, calm and slow manner. Do not argue with the senior.

Where does the in home care worker come in

It is also important to discuss this with the health care worker. Make sure they understand that this is not directed at them personally. Ask that they give you a call if they need to vent or just to let off some steam. Encourage and ask for flexibility until you get through this adjustment period.

Good communications between you and the in home worker is ultimately the goal.

It is important for the family and patient to understand that communication and compromise will go along way to a successful start to this relationship. It is important that you treat each health care worker with kindness and respect. They in turn, will do the same.

To start on the right foot with you home care workers, it would be a great gesture to have a place for them to put their things. If they are going to be working long hours, a place in the refrigerator to keep their food would be great. Even better, is offering them meals while they are there, or have take out menus available so that they may order out and have food delivered. I know you are thinking I am already paying them a fortune through the agency. Trust me; the worker is getting a small portion of what you are paying. A very hefty portion goes to the organization.

It is important that if you have religious or diet restrictions and cannot have certain foods in an area of the home, please make some accommodations for the home care worker to have a place that they may sit and take a break without disturbing the family.
We live in a culture that is so quick to catch someone doing something wrong. It is so important to recognize and acknowledge a person when they do a good job.

gift for health care worker If you are happy with a person, please put it in writing to their supervisor. A small thoughtful gift to the exceptional caregiver is one way to make sure to keep them happy.

I cannot say this enough. When you find someone that is reliable, trustworthy and a caring individual treat them like a priceless piece of artwork. Because a good employee is priceless and irreplaceable.

More discussion on in home care and your your home health Care Provider.

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