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When a Loved One Falls into Mental Decline

Mental decline -- It has been projected that of the 35 million adults 65 years of age and older in the United States, there will be at least 140,000 older adults diagnosed with some form of cognitive impairment.

For many, it is a hard realization the parent who once cared for us, now has been diagnosed with “dementia” or Alzheimers.

Causes of Memory Loss
When someone exhibits dementia signs such as mental confusion, forgetfulness, memory problems it does not always mean that dementia is the diagnosis.

Early Symptoms of Dementia Appear as Memory Loss and Mental Confusion
What appears as symptoms of dementia can be frightening but is it the dreaded disease dementia?

Many Dementia Signs and Symptoms Are Similar to Other Medical Conditions
Causes of memory loss, mental confusion and memory problems as we age are varied. Let's explore what these dementia signs can mean.

Dementia is use to describe the symptoms of a large group of illnesses, in which brain cells shrink or disappear. It is a progressive decline in the ability to remember, to think, and to learn and make judgments.

Dementia Overview
Dementia overview , studies show that of the 4 million individuals diagnosed with dementia 70% live at home and are receiving care from family and friends.

Causes of Dementia
What causes dementia? Is dementia part of the aging process?

Types of Dementia
There are many types of dementia. As part of our dementia overview, I will break down those types into separate categories for you.

Dementia Stages
There are seven stages of dementia I will cover briefly here for a complete dementia overview. These dementia stages are a scale used by health care professionals.

Early Signs of Dementia
It is important that the early signs of dementia be identified to start treatment. The first stage in the three stages of dementia can be difficult to detect.

Middle Stages of Dementia
Middle stages of dementia will appear as the disease progresses.The middle stages of dementia can be the most difficult of the three stages of dementia to deal with.

End Stages of Dementia
End stage dementia is the Last of the three stages of dementia.End stage dementia is probably the most difficult of all of the three stages of dementia. This is the stage, when the care can become even more overwhelming.

Home Safety and Alzheimers
Alzheimer's/dementia requires the same care as any aging adult with a progressive, debilitating illness. They will require assistance and the level of care provided should match their needs as their condition deteriorates.

Communicating with Alzheimer's Dementia Patients
As the aging senior progress through the stages of Alzheimer's dementia, their communication skills erode. Alzheimer's caregiver's will need to investigate and try different communication techniques in order to communicate with the aging senior.

Treatment Dementia and Testing
Explanation of tests for to determine treatment of dementia.

Symptoms of dementia and the Clock Test
One of the first tests often given is the simple clock test.

Types of Dementia and the Animal test
What the animal test reveals about dementia.

Dementia Stages Stages and Testing
Stages of Dementia and the Mini Mental State Exam Test.

Alzheimer's Section

Just What is Alzheimers Disease?
What is Alzheimers disease and what can we do once we get the diagnosis to prepare for future care needs?

The seven stages of Stages of Alzheimers Disease
Stages of Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimers Treatment What do We Know
Alzheimers treatments just treat the symptoms of this disease. Current drugs cannot reverse the loos of brain cells.

Alzheimers Prevention is it Possible
Do you know what you can do as part of Alzheimers prevention? Is it even possible to do?

Depression Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease –In Early Onset Alzheimer’s Patients
Depression symptoms and Alzheimer’s disease have similar symptoms. It may be hard to tell the difference.

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