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The Third Age is that time in our lives when our children no longer live in our homes and when we begin to plan for the next, and probably greatly modified, phase of our work life. It is another opportunity to decide what we want to be when we grow up! Many call this phase "retirement" although they will alter their lives as opposed to "retire." is an individualized and tailored planning tool to help you strategize for this exciting time in your life.
  • Balance out the 5 major areas of your life
  • Identify areas of high and low retirement preparation in your portfolio
  • Detailed prescriptions help you improve your deficient areas
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The third  age portfolo


The SUNRx program is a no cost pharmacy discount card for you and your family that ensures you the lowest price on your prescription needs. Accepted at most independent pharmacies and all national chains, you can use your card as often as needed to help you get the most savings.
  • No Age Limits - No Exclusions
  • No Annual Fee - No Paperwork
  • This Is Not Insurance- Discounts Only
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CogniFit Brain Fitness Programs are based on 30 years of neuro-scientific research, and are designed to provide to give you a comprehensive cognitive workout. Only CogniFit begins with a baseline assessment of your cognitive health before your training begins. Then the program uses your cognitive blueprint to customize a training program especially for you; no two people do the same training.
  • CogniFit Personal Coach for brain fitness training for general cognitive health
  • CogniFit Senior Driver brain training to maintain and improve your driving skills
  • MindFit CD brain fitness with the portability of cognitive training offline
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Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Service

The Catalyst Best Benefits Vision Plan offers savings on prescription eyewear that anyone in your immediate family can use through a network of over 12,000 eyecare professionals nationwide!.
best benefits

Catalyst Best Benefits Dental Wellness Plan

Join the Catalyst Best Benefits Dental Wellness Plan and receive reduced-cost dental services through a nationwide network of over 24,000 participating licensed professionals.
best benefits

Grand Connection

Grand Connection knows what grandparents and grandchildren like. They have selected unique items, many of them personalized, to say, " I love you." You can view and purchase an array of gifts for all occasions and all ages of grandchildren.
  • The opportunity to personalize most gifts with names and, for some, even dates.
  • Grand Connections studies trends and knows what is "hot" today.
  • Easy to order. Gifts arrive with a note from you!

grand connection is an online program for planning and tracking your diet. Track your weight, meals, exercises and more. Access the extensive community features to find a diet buddy, chat about health issues and even start your own diet blog. Join the thousands that have made part of their weight loss solution!
  • Advanced meal planning & tracking calendar
  • Over 20 charts & graphs to monitor your diet
  • Find a diet buddy and start private chats
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special year-round discounts on your daily, weekly, weekend, and monthly rentals for business or pleasure; traveling in the U.S. or worldwide. Your Hertz CDP#109741 is the key. Call 1-800-654-2210 or visit the Hertz website at when making your reservation. Then present your Hertz Member Discount number at the time of rental. It's that easy!

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