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Universal home design -- Make our living environment useful to everyone

Universal home design, make our living environment useful to everyone, physically able, physically challenged, children and the aging adult as well

Assisted Living At Home
How to facilitate assisted living by fully assessing the home environment.

House Modifications
House Modifications will Allow You to Successfully Age in Your Home

Universal Design
Universal Design is a concept, that make our living environment useful to everyone, physically able, physically challenged, children and the aging adult as well.

Universal Bathroom Design
The bathroom environment can be a safe and comfortable room without sacrificing style.

Universal Kitchen Design
Some recommendations for the kitchen environment to increase the safety factor by considering accessibility factors and minimizing any need to use force or physical straining.

Universal Bedroom Design
Recommendations for modifications to the bedroom environment

Certified Aging in place Specialist
A certified aging in place specialist can help you be prepared for an unknown future. Prepare for the unexpected, yet live in esthetically pleasing surroundings all throughout your life.

Advice on Successful Aging From David Foley CAPS Professional
My goal is to help individuals with successful aging by making their home their partner as they age. David can you tell me when is a good time to begin to make changes in the home?

Advice on Successful Aging From Scott Anderson CAPS Professional
We will discuss home accessibility modifications with a another qualified certified aging in place specialist today

Advice on Successful Aging From Jonathon Greaves CAPS Professional
Successful aging in place often means home remodeling plans or universal design house plans when building a new home

Advice on Successful Aging From Mike Shina CAPS Professional
According to Mike Shina universally designed homes accommodate successful aging in place as well as being a spacious environment for the younger family

Advice on Home Remodeling Plans From Jamie Goldberg CAPS Professional
Talk to the experts about home remodeling plans. Certified Aging in Place Specialists are trained to help.

Planning for Your Home Health Care Needs Now
Will Give You Peace of Mind and Act as a Valuable Guide
For Your Caregiver and Family Members...

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