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Universal Home Design

Bath Room Products For
Universal Home Design Safety

We've talked about inexpensive ways to make the bathroom a safer place. There may be a time however, when costlier items are needed for someone with a handicap. It may be too difficult to lift ones self from the toilet even with handles in place. Perhaps lack of strength in the arms or arthritis in the knees makes this movement very difficult. Doing some research on this problem caused me to find some products that will do the lifting for a person with this type of problem.

Here's an item I would like to have myself even though I don't need it just now. It's called a bidet. It is quite a sophisticated apparatus. No hands are needed to be both clean and dry after using the toilet facilities. The seat is heated as well as the water used for cleanliness. Even drying is done with this system in comfort. It may sound amusing (to me it's sounds like luxury spa or hotel) but an arthritic body or debilitating disease is a reasons this item is a useful and even needed device for some.

AmeriGlide Premium Bath Lift
AmeriGlide Premium Bath Lift

If the home you are living in was not designed for aging in place that included a roll in shower, it is possible to make bathing easier with various products that will help lower a person into the bath tub they do have. An item called a tub lift is ideal for this purpose and may be the first thing to consider.

Sanctuary Petite

Depending on the nature of the disability, if the tub lift will only work well until an illness or condition gets worse it might be better to install a walk in tub. Some of these tubs can even accommodate a person in a wheel chair. There are also tub transfer devices. As well as products that will make bathing a child safer lowering and raising them from the water. Technology today can make many health issues easier to deal with and allow us to care for ourselves or be cared for in our own environment.

One can make their home bathroom state of the art so to speak. However it does cost more than a simple tub or shower chair. Comparing the cost of such things as personal care home living facilities or nursing home facilities makes many of these items seem reasonably priced. At the same time allowing us to remain in familiar surroundings where we often feel safe and happier.

As always I recommend preparing for situations you never want to happen, just as you prepare for a possible car accident by purchasing insurance. I'm personally very capable of bathing or showering, but when we remodel our bathroom we will most likely opt for the walk in tub. The warmth of the water power jets that sooth the arthritic body will also help my aching muscles after a day of gardening.

You may know of other things that will be useful for those who are facing health problems yet want to remain in their home. Please take time to share information with others.

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